Dry January is here and there's plenty of places in Ashford where you can enjoy delicious drinks without the alcohol.

Even if you're not taking part in dry January, it's a chance to support our local bars and pubs;  you might be surprised how tasty these non-alcoholic versions of our favourite tipples can be!

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Itacas Mocktails

All of the fabulous cocktails at Itacas can be made into Mocktails, and costing £5 a drink, t’s certainly worth a try! Try from the selection featuring:

- Pornstar Martini
- Espresso Martini
- Strawberry Daiquiri
- Negroni
- Mojito
- Cosmopolitan
- S * X on the Beach
- Bellini

Or why not try their 0.5% lager, Lucky Saint

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To beer or not to beer?

Matches Sports Bar and Grill has a variety of low and no alcohol options. Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing pint, a crisp can or a fruity cider, they've got something for everyone. On the menu, take your pick from:

- Heineken 0%
- Beavertown Lazer Crush IPA 0%
- Old Mount Berries and Cherries Cider 0%

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Valeries Mocktails

Valerie's Wine Bar has a range of delicious mocktails and alcohol free beers and spirits including:

 - Daiquiri: Flavours include Pineapple, Passionfruit, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry.

 - Mock Espresso Martinis, Mock Passionfruit Martinis,

 - Mock Ginger Sours

 - Mock Mojitos.

 - Mock Daisy (a slight twist on the Margarita)

 - Mock English Garden

 - Nanny State (Brewdog's Alcohol Free Hoppy Ale)

 - Seedlip 0% spirits, perfect for a non-alcoholic G&T 


Fruity fizz At Unita 4

Enjoy refreshing fruity Mocktails from Unita 4 in Elwick Place. The menu features:

 - Passionfruit Fizz (Passionfruit purée, lemonade,
cranberry juice)
- Sunrise Mocktail (Mango juice, grenadine, soda water)
- Berry Mojito (Berries, fresh lime, sugar syrup,
mint, soda)