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International Women's Day Events

International Women’s Day 2024 is here!

As part of International Woman's Day on Friday 8th March, Womxn Up Ashford has arranged a host of events to mark the occasion. They all take place with Ashford Town Centre and all are welcome to join in.

Check out all the listings below or visit our EVENTS PAGE to view more details on each event.

Saturday 2nd March

Sunday 3rd March
What is International Women’s Day (IWD) ?

International Women’s Day is a day marking the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the world.  it is also used as a call to action for accelerating gender parity. It is a time where communities and groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements or rally for women’s equality. All IWD activity is valid. That’s what makes IWD inclusive.
Marked every year on March 8th, IWD is one of the most important days of the year. It aims to 
* celebrate women’s achievements
* educate and awareness raise for women’s equality
* call for positive change advancing women
* lobby for accelerated gender parity
* fundraise for female focused charities.