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Keepsake Recipes & Platter and Natter

❤️  Do you have a cherished family recipe you would love to share?❤️

Losing someone dear to us leaves a huge hole in our lives, but it also provides an opportunity to celebrate their life in meaningful ways. One beautiful way to keep their memory alive is through recipes—those cherished dishes that evoke nostalgia, warmth, and connection.  Keepsake recipes is a community initiative run by Willow and Green which brings together all these wonderful recipes and memories from the community.

You can participate in the project by submitting your own family Keepsake Recipe.  Submit your entry along with a brief description of why it holds a special place in your heart here: https://willowandgreen.co.uk/keepsake-recipes/

The initiative forms part of the Ashford Food and Drink Festival and has been made possible with help from Willow and Green, Revelation Ashford  Ashford Umbrella and B Arts

Two special events are taking place this month where you're invited to create your special family recipe to bring it with you, then share food with others and have a chat. Trying each other’s special family food and reminiscing is a great way to bring people together.

❤️ Keepsake Recipes Food & Chat Event

Wednesday 17th July,  10:30am – 2pm,

The Parish Rooms, The Churchyard, Ashford, TN23 1QG

❤️ Platter and Natter Event

Saturday 27th July, 1pm - 4pm,

At Revelation Ashford, The Churchyard, Ashford, TN23 1QG