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Lithest, Gaudiest Harlequin!

By Will Redgrove

Fascinated by symbols, the natural world, myths and fairy tales, London-based muralist, artist and educator Will Redgrove depicts three Blue Tits and a ribbon in flight within a field of Bluebells, Forget-Me-Nots and Sunflowers for Pilgrims Hospices. The work is a meaningful and peaceful representation of everlasting love, gratitude, respect, memory and care. Which, at its heart, is Pilgrims Hospices vision to provide compassionate care and support at the end-of-life. Whilst the Hospice can’t necessarily add days to lives, with Ashford’s community support, the Charity can add life to days, as represented in the mural.

Location: Pilgrims Hospices, 4 Castle Street TN23 1JQ

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