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Proud Peacock, Bahar Flowers

World renowned street artist Curtis Hylton returned to Ashford Town Centre in March 2024 to create a stunning new mural opposite his globally acclaimed piece Flamboyant Fawn. 

His second piece for Ashford titled Proud Peacock, Bahar Flowers, came about from meeting with shop owners and landlords in Bank Street who selected Curtis to return from a shortlist of artists, and once appointed, asked him to create a contrast to the well-loved stag.

Curtis said: 'I went the super bold route to bring more colour to the table’.

The mural showcases a majestic peacock with its vibrant plumage spreading across the wall, symbolizing the town's metamorphosis and the flourishing artistic community that has emerged through last year’s Ashford Unframed mural festival.

The flowered feathers of the peacock represents the beautiful flowers Curtis spotted in Salata, a local café who’s owner Bahar kept the artist fuelled up on good coffee during the week of him painting. Bahar stated: ‘We’re so honoured to have this beautiful piece right outside our shop. Now it’s two pieces of gorgeous artwork for us to enjoy and see people stumbling upon and being in awe of them, day to day. Thank you for bringing colour and magic’

Curtis continued: ‘I just want the people of Ashford to have another piece of artwork that they are proud of, something that they can enjoy. It’s a conversation starter and it brings in people of all ages, and doesn’t matter of your sex or race. Everyone can appreciate it’.

Download the Ashford Mural Trail Map here