Resurfacing works in Ashford Town Centre

Further works are planned as Kent County Council (KCC) continues to make improvements in Ashford.

Roadworks have been underway since 1st November to make the Ashford Shared Space more resistant to damage in the future and better accessible.

Six weeks of work will begin in Lower High Street, Ashford, from 13th February between the junctions for North Street and Wellesley Road.

The road will be closed throughout to ensure everyone’s safety but pavements will stay open so people can access businesses.

The existing cobble surface will be removed from the road and parking and loading bays with new drainage kerbs and gullies installed before a new surface is laid.

Contractors will then reset, repair and re-grout the areas of Yorkstone, replace missing bollards and address areas where tree roots have caused significant damage.

Ashford Borough Council (ABC) has liaised with market traders to offer them an alternative location in Middle Row whilst the works are taking place in the Lower High Street.

Details are also available by visiting