Support Ukraine

If you're looking for a way to support Ukrainians affected by the atrocities taking place, there are local volunteers who are collecting clothes and other items. Please find below the details of some of them here.

Bethersden Community Group

Community members in Bethersden are collecting donations and arranging items to be sent to Ukraine. If you are local to the area, please visit the Facebook group for more information.

Local Sponsorship Scheme for Ukraine

Find out more information about the Sponsorship Scheme from GOV.UK, which includes a link to receive email updates direct from DLUHC as the Ukraine Scheme develops.

A national appeal has also been launched by the UK's Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to help the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the conflict. Fifteen UK aid agencies - including the British Red Cross, Oxfam and Save the Children - are joining together to ask the public to donate.

Homes in Ukraine have been destroyed and water supplies, hospitals and schools have been hit, the DEC says. The charities say people urgently need food, water, shelter and medical care.

The appeal will help people who have fled Ukraine, but also those who have been displaced to other parts of the country. All public donations will be doubled by the UK government, up to a total of £20m.

Visit the DEC website for more details.

Ashford Borough Council's support for Ukraine

We have made a donation of £5,000 to the DEC appeal as part of the authority’s support for the people of Ukraine.

The Government has pledged to match all donations to the DEC appeal up to £20m. The Ashford donation coincided with the announcement that the Queen had made “a generous donation” to the DEC Ukraine appeal.

We have also vowed to stand ready to do whatever we can to assist the Government in supporting Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK. The Government is working on a sponsorship scheme will match people, charities, businesses and community groups to Ukrainians who do not have established families in the country, so they are able to come to safety the UK.

We await further details of this. This is a humanitarian catastrophe that is almost beyond belief in the 21st Century. Ashford Borough Council has an exemplary track record in responding quickly and positively in assisting first Syrian and then later Afghan refugees to find a safe and welcoming haven in our borough. Those people had been fleeing war torn areas and this tragedy in Ukraine is arguably even more serious.

We have also purchased a Ukrainian flag to be flown at the Civic Centre, a highly visible show of support for the beleaguered citizens of Ukraine.

Homes for Ukraine

The government has set up a new scheme which will allow individuals, charities, community groups and businesses in the UK to bring Ukrainians, forced to escape their homeland to safety – including those with no family ties to the UK.

Full details on the scheme and how to register your interest can be found on the government's Homes for Ukraine web page.